Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1,000 up

Wow, four days since my last post and I feel I've got a ton to write. I guess i should up date this daily but the problem is the only real opportunity I get is after the kids go to bed and with my ridiculous early morning running schedule I'm only about an hour behind them and there are more important things to be doing in that hour like eating and watching tv! Oh and my stretches/exercises of course....

Let's start off with the title of the post. Today I went over 1,000 miles for the year to date. My goal at the start of the year was to hit at least 2,500 miles this year for the first time (I get injured a lot!) so I'm well on track to do that at the moment, in spite of my 3 week hiatus in March with my calf problems.

Since the race, I've been ticking along pretty well. Saturday was a pure recovery day. I ran 7 or 8 miles very slowly, my legs were sore and I was just trying to promote recovery.

Sunday I woke up feeling a ton better so headed out on my own at 5am so I could get 15 miles in comfortably before the kids woke up and ensure Lisa got a lie in on Mother's Day. I headed out to check out the course for the next race in the GP series a week on Saturday. The weather had taken a distinct turn for the better and it was perfect for a run. I closed the last five miles of this in just over 30 minutes without really intending to pick it up too much so that was good. The course appears to be challenging to say the least but I would say a good race course with plenty of hills and corners where a lot of position swapping could well take place. I feel I need to redeem myself a little in that race after my sub par Twilight effort.

The rest of Sunday was fun as we celebrated Mother's day. The weather was beautiful and we hit up a new park we'd never been to before and had a picnic and goofed around for a while.

After a quick pit stop at Baskin Robbins for ice cream we got home to have the news confirmed that Chelsea had sealed the Premier League Title with a ridiculous 8-0 victory over Wigan. Disappointing but at least now I can focus all my attention on the upcoming World Cup. Cannot wait for the June 12th opener versus the US! I definitely anticipate bragging rights around here after that one!

Monday saw another easy day on the trails and then Tuesday it was time for another Miners Run which was most enjoyable. Typically I do a workout on Tuesday but this week I put it back a day to give my legs an extra day recovery from the race. Instead I headed out today and bashed out a solid effort at the PDS track. After a difficult workout last week and a sub par race I was a little concerned heading into this morning's effort but it went pretty well in the end and raised the confidence levels back up a bit

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