Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another week in the books

Lack of updates this week. Nothing really interesting happening, just the usual- running, working, family, eating and sleeping (not enough)

Sunday started off with a scare as my left achilles was so stiff and sore from the race the day before that I had to bail on my run with Spada, managing only 2.75 miles before calling it in to avoid further damage. After a day of tender loving care to the area I was okay on Monday and have been fine since, save for a bit of soreness immediately after yesterday's track workout. Just something I'm having to keep an eye on. Thursday and Saturday were my only workout days this week (although I did run harder than expected today at the end of my long run- harder than I should have done, oh well). Had a good tempo effort with messrs Holder, Linz and Spada on Thursday (will be very productive being able to train with these guys over the summer) and a short but not particularly sweet track workout yesterday. Today enjoyed a great group run at Mcmullen and turned on the gas for the last 5 miles. This week will be all about easy running with a workout on Wednesday and King Tiger 5k Saturday and then my big race the Friday after.

This week also saw the NCAA Div 2 champs being held in the QC. I managed to go on Saturday night and witnessed some great events, including a stellar performance from fellow blogger and Charlotte resident Meagan who followed up a fine 3rd place in the 10k on Thursday night with another All American performance in the 5k last night. Neely Spence took this one with an awesome front running display and the ability to kick off that with 400 to go!

Watching these guys and gals getting after it on the track definitely stirred my juices and gave me the taste for getting my spikes on this summer. Throughout June on Tuesday nights a track series is run at Myers Park HS and although I certainly won't be doing any of the races before my goal 5k i will definitely run at the next couple. I ran terribly in the mile there last year, barely breaking 5 minutes (!!) but hopefully the weekly track workouts I have been doing will put me in better shape than that this year. I will also be trying my hand at a 400 at one of them so I can try and post a respectable time for coach Budic's summer challenge! Speaking of whom he'll be down this week so we're going to hook up for a couple of runs, yay!!

Have a great week everyone! Great to have the Monday off tomorrow- time to remember those who sacrificed their lives to safeguard our freedoms. I'm going to take advantage of the day off and run at 8am and then the Mainwarings are heading to the JCC to check it out and become members so we can have a pool to go to for the summer!


  1. i think i may run the mile at one of those mphs meets. at the beginning of 2010 my goals were sub-35 10k, sub-17 5k and sub-5 mile. i had no idea the first two would come so easily but i know the third will be an effort!

  2. Paul...another great week of training has concluded! Thanks for letting me be a "leech". Looking forward to more workouts with you and the rest of the 2 live crue!