Thursday, June 3, 2010

Relaxing start to the day

Last Monday we signed up for a family membership at the Jewish Community Center. With the girls just about to break up for the Summer, Lisa needed access to a pool over the holidays to keep her sanity. We have a pool at the bottom of our neighborhood but the Private School that owns it asks for a nice $400 fee to be paid to join! And all that is is a pool. This place which is about 5 minutes drive away has lots of other stuff and will work out cheaper over the three months. Today my planned rest day became a swim followed by a steam room and whirlpool bath. Living the life! I've never been a member of a gym before so I found it all very civilized. I aim to use it at least once a week over the summer. I think a bit of cross training will do me good. They have spin classes, cardio workouts, all sorts.

Training has been good this week. I had two nice and easy runs Monday and Tuesday and a kick ass workout on Wednesday. It's nice to be coming to the end of this particular training block and I just hope I can do myself some justice at last in my next couple of races. After that it will be time to chill out for a while. I'll do some of the track events on the three remaining nights, I'll go to the gym and I'll hop in to some of Aaron and Jay's workouts, but other than that I plan to just enjoy running for a while and kick back a bit. I'm sure the hunger for the next training block won't take long in coming round though!!

Nice short work week for me. Monday was off of course and I'm also taking tomorrow off so I can play with Sophie while Lisa goes to Emily's field day. Then Lisa and Emily are hitting the road for the weekend to go to Lisa's niece's baby shower so it will be time for a bit of Sophie/Daddy bonding. I've been able to bag a baby sitter at 6.15 on Saturday morning so no issues with the race I'm doing! Sunday I wasn't going to run long anyway and can just wait to head out when the girls get back.

I'm also getting very excited about the World Cup. Only a week to wait now!!

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