Monday, June 28, 2010

Elusive Sub 60

So this morning I headed up to PDS track for my weekly 400m attempt. I actually ran 6 miles before getting to the track as I wanted to get a head start on the mileage for the week. I did some barefoot strides on the football pitch before lacing up the spikes and running 60:56. So that’s three attempts, all within 14 100ths of a second of each other! Next week as the family will be out of town I will have more free time on my hands so plan to hit the track after work rather than 6 am. Should make a big difference!

On Saturday I actually ending up racing a trail 5k in Mcalpine. This was a very low key race but with $100 for the winner and the start being 2 miles from my front door I decided last minute to enter. So I rock up at the registration table with my $30 in my hand and who do I see in the line but friends and adversaries John Compton and Ben Hovis. Well that put the race in a different context right there! John has pushed Jordan close a couple of times this year and Ben usually beats me but is just getting fit again after injury. Whatever, I knew now that I was going to have to put a hard effort in just to get any money at all (it turned out they had only decided to enter last minute themselves and they were equally surprised to see me there!). I ended up running 16:35 for second and $50, John taking the W comfortably and Ben back in 4th. Interestingly (and somewhat unnecessarily we felt!!) the event timers decided to re-measure the already marked 5k course (that is used for the Footlocker South Regionals and the Wendy Womens’ Invitational each year!) so we started the race about 10 yards (6 seconds!) behind the ‘proper’ start line.

Sunday I ran just over 11 thoroughly enjoyable miles with Meagan, Jordan and Billy before they came to my house to watch the game. Lisa cooked up a fantastic ‘English’ breakfast and a few other people came over and we all had a good time, it definitely helped me get over the disappointment of England’s abysmal capitulation to the German team! This is a running blog so don’t get me started….

Tomorrow I am looking forward to a lie in, my first for weeks it seems! Even though I’ve been taking it easy the last few weeks, I’ve still been cross training on my days off so have still been up before 6 every morning. However I am skipping tomorrow morning’s run in advance of the 5k they are holding at the track meet tomorrow night. After relatively successful efforts at the mile and 2 mile over the past two weeks I am hoping to complete the hat trick with a sub 16 showing tomorrow night. It may even cool down a little for us….

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