Friday, June 25, 2010

Cross training

My slightly weird training schedule continues apace. Yesterday I headed to the JCC for a spin class! as I was told i had to pick up my 'pass' a half hour before the class, I had some time to kill so what better way to kill it than run 30 laps around the indoor track that encircles the basketball track. I am still leaning left two days later!

Then on to the spin class and it was brutal! Never having done one before I didn't know what i was letting myself in for. I must have been increasing the resistance too much when we were 'climbing' as I just couldn't complete the hills. I spent most of the hour just pedalling on a low gear trying to recover while everyone else just worked out merrily! The thing I couldn't believe was the instructor who was apparently doing the workout with us just talking away and telling us what to do, barely out of breath!

Then today I ran to the JCC, did my 1000 yard swim and ran back home. My own duathlon if you will!

Big weekend of football ahead!!

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