Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jus' runnin'

So another week has passed since my last update and I’m continuing to enjoy this phase of unstructured training.

The Tuesday night track efforts ended up being highly satisafactory, a 4:37 effort in the mile followed shortly after by 10:16 in the 2 miles. The mile effort was particularly pleasing, helped no end by my ‘rabbit’ for the evening, Jordan, who being instructed to run laps of 70, took me through in 1:10, 2:20, 3:30 before kindly stepping off the track and I closed with a 67. I was pretty heavy legged for the 2 miler but gutsed it out on my own clocking 77/78s throughout. Tonight I’m just going to do the 2 mile race and I’m going to wear spikes, the intention being to get as close to 10:00 as possible. It will be 90+degrees and lots of solo hard work but that’s what it is all about, right?

The rest of the week saw some easy running, a swim, another workout with Jay and Spada and then a fairly epic 20 plus miler on Saturday, my longest run since 12/12/09 (T Road Marathon!). I wasn’t particularly beaten up by this run which was pleasing but reflecting on the week it doesn’t really read as one of someone who is taking some ‘down time’ so I really am going to chill out the next couple of weeks, with no more than one or two intense workouts per week and certainly no more 20 mile runs!

Yesterday I headed up to the track to repeat last Monday’s efforts and this time I was a whole 0.02 seconds faster than last week! So the sub 60 remains elusive for now

Other than that I had a really fun Fathers Day with a bit of swimming, Five Guys and World Cup action and continue to be engrossed with developments in S Africa, in spite of my country’s turgid efforts to date. Hopefully the US and England can both win tomorrow and advance to the last 16 but I am not holding out too much hope for my team!

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