Tuesday, June 15, 2010

400m challenge

A few weeks ago, Tim put out a call to arms to a few of his running buddies. As this fits in well with my 'training on the hoof' outlook for the next few weeks, Monday morning I decided to head up to PDS track to make my first attempt at the challenge.

The other reason I did this was to get a feel for wearing spikes again as I intend to wear them at Tuesday's track meet. Since I left England I must have worn spikes about twice! Two years ago I purchased some brand spanking new New Balance LD spikes and within a 1000m of wearing them I blew my calf out and swore I'd never wear spikes again! So hear I was on Monday morning just getting a feel for running in spikes again.

I jogged up to the track, put my spikes on and ran around the track for a mile trying to get used to them. After the mile I did some 100m strides and decided I was ready to go! A minute later and I had posted a time of 60.44. I had hoped that I would sneak under 60 seconds but I was probably a bit tentative- I certainly didn't tie up in the final 100 meters. I plan to do this at least once a week for the next few weeks so we'll see what I can get my time down to. Try it yourselves and see how fast you can run a quarter!

All in all it was nice to put the spikes on and I am looking forward to lacing them up again tonight when I do the mile. I would like to run close to 4:40 but know whatever happens it is going to be very painful! Especially with the ridiculous heat we are enduring at the moment. If I survive that race I will try out in the 2 mile race a little later too- that is more my distance and I'll probably end up wearing my flats for that one!

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