Sunday, June 6, 2010

King Tiger recap

Same position and virtually the same time as Great Harvest but more content with this one.

Was a bit rushed at the start. Babysitter turned up a little late and then I had to park further from the start than I would have liked so by the time I got to the start line I hadn't had much time to do any strides or anything. Boy, it was hot though! Everyone was drenched on the start line and the gun hadn't even gone off. "Eye of the Tiger" was oh so predictably piped over the tannoy and we were off.

My pre race scouting had picked out all the usual Grand Prix suspects. Kinley, Isaacs, Harris, etc. Compton who had come 2nd at the last race was absent but 2 UNCC athletes were unknown quantities and an old adversary Brett Howell had come down from Raleigh to race. Jordan floated off into the distance as usual, followed by Tretsky and the 2 UNCC guys. I settled in with Brett on my shoulder. I was hoping I could hit the mile in about 5:10 and without looking at the watch this is exactly what I came through in. By this time I had moved up to second, with Brett on my shoulder. We traded places back and forth through the next mile enjoying the favorable terrain as the sun beat relentlessly down and the humidity smothered. Mile 2 in 5:08 and I was just ahead of my pre race 10:20 goal.

I knew the third mile was going to suck though. Really tough hill which saps all your energy for the final push. Howell had gapped me at this point and with third place seemingly secured and the bigger race coming up on Friday I honestly pretty much went through the motions to the finish. I also had to act as course monitor as the last few corners were bereft of marshalls so I kept shouting ahead telling Brett where to go- that isn't exactly conducive to getting the competitive juices pumping either!

Over the line in 16:35 and enough time to turn around and watch the swathe of runners fighting for position at around the 17:00 mark. Isaacs had run his typical solid race to net 4th in 16:56 closely followed by Mcmahon, Harris and Arreola. Training partner Spada with another great performance in 10th. For the ladies, Queens 5k and 10k All American Nedlo was in first place, followed by Rogers and Crockford. Everyone was very hot and searching for shade!

I 'warmed down' with Nathan Stanford, Jordan and Meagan and it was nice recapping the race with them and discussing potential World Cup fortunes. We also came across a new first for me as we ran amongst the back markers of the race. A woman pushing a cat in a baby stroller! I know it was the King Tiger 5k but still!! Then we lined up for some awesome slushies and were able to start cooling down at last. I picked up my trophy, rushed across town to relieve baby sitter of her duties and spent the rest of the day hanging out with Sophie as Mom and Emily are up in VA this weekend.

So a satisfactory race all in all, leaving me optimistic that with a nice light week ahead I can finish off this particular phase of training with a decent showing next Friday night.


  1. A cat? That is odd! Ms Walther is now Mrs Crockford :) Ya, a little more rest and I think you will really pop a good one at Mint Hill.

  2. noted and adjusted Aaron- thanks!

  3. Way to run Paul! Good thing I ran in Hickory - you would have definitely won some beer back had I run King Tiger. Good luck on Friday!

  4. This training partner will see you on Tuesday morning...nice race Paul!