Monday, May 3, 2010

Dog days are back

So after another beautiful morning for running on Friday and another 8 miles in the bank with Jay, I woke to Saturday's workout and a change was in the air. As soon as I left my house and joined Spada, Billy and Adrian I could tell the long sleeve wasn't going to last long. 8 miles and a very encouraging workout later and it had been confirmed- the Charlotte summer humidity had begun and likely that will be it until September! Already consigned to the closet are all my running tops- shorts and sneakers easily sufficient from here on.

Saturday was a fun day after the workout. Helped Jay move across town then gathered up the girls and we had lunch at Brixx with Val, Lauren, Jay, the Hovis's, Bill, Billy and Jordan before heading to the Nature museum for the afternoon. Sunday saw another very early long run with Spada and victories for both Chelsea and Man U meaning that the season goes to the wire although Chelsea will comfortably beat Wigan next week to clinch the league. An ipod, solo run on the trails this morning which felt a lot harder than the 7:03 pace under the blanket of humidity- tomorrow's track workout could be interesting based on how I felt today. Hopefully I can do the workout justice though and take the rest of the week easy before Friday night's 5k down town, the third race of the GP series.

And good news received from Cleveland today- Coach Budic is planning on being in town next week and I may get to run three times with him!!

Enjoy the humidity everyone- hydrate well!

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