Thursday, April 29, 2010


So having sworn off a 2010 marathon following my efforts at Thunder Road last year, tracking my friends at Boston tingled the taste buds again and when I heard that Charlotte Running Club founders and buddies Aaron Linz (2:42 at Boston) and Jay Holder (2:43 at Boston) were planning a sub 2:40 assault later in the year at Richmond, I immediately started thinking about it and it is now definitely on the radar! Having similar paced training buddies for marathon training will be a first for me and is an enticing prospect, though obviously a long, long way off!


  1. There is going to be a lot of marathon training going on this fall. And an assult on sub 2:40 is very likely.

  2. Just for clarification... I'm all for Captain doing a fall marathon. I'm jut against the fact that it's 6+ months from now - which equates to at the very least 2 (but more like 3) training cycles.