Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday fun

I had to get Sunday's run done before 7 to give Lisa her weekly lie in but didn't fancy doing it solo so popped Spadaa mail and he came through! We met up at 5 and got to work. Really enjoyed the run- got a full blow by blow account of Steve's awesome Charlotte marathon win of 2000 and 90 minutes of good chat made me forget about the residual soreness from yesterday! Good run, could have run longer but want to keep the legs fresh heading into next week.

The route took us from PDS up Randolph to Dotger across to 5th to check out next week's race course and then back. If I have got the route correct the last mile should be a sprint down the hill to the finish. Start uphill but definitely looks a fast course!!

Got home to polish off Five Guys burger leftovers for breakfast. Nice start to the day and it's only 7.30! Youngest still to wake up, Emily playing with her mate (they had a 'sleepover' last night), Lisa asleep, beautiful day outside, life good

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