Saturday, April 3, 2010

400s on the road

Well I got back to sleep fine and got a few more hours in which was nice and needed! Woke up and the weather was surprisingly nice! As I'd eaten quite heartily in the middle of the night I didn't need breakfast straight away either so I headed out for my workout feeling pretty good. It ended up going pretty well (see R2W link) and now I'm recovering at home before my second run later when I'm meeting up with an old football teammate who is now into triathlons and we're going to head out for a few miles- probably the first time I have ever run with someone else in Oswestry! Oswestry is not exactly a hotbed of running- the nearest track is 20 miles away which is funny when I think that I have 2 within 3 miles of my house in Charlotte! When I was running around the town yesterday I was getting some strange looks! The other thing I notice about running here is how small everything seems! The roads are so narrow compared to Charlotte- cars are literally inches apart as they pass!


  1. Hi! I found your blog from your Thunder Road race report Theo posted onhis blog. I ran Thunder Road, too, although not scarey fast like yourself:)

    It's been fun reading your blog, and I look forward to following it.

    Hope you're enjoying England. It's cool reading about how different it is.

    Have a great day!