Saturday, April 24, 2010


Decent effort. Fast crew lined up for this one. Originally this was going to be a goal 5k for me before the curse of the calf struck. I'm still a few weeks behind so I'll take the time and the effort and move on. Big group headed out together. Tough uphill in the opening 200 meters so everyone pretty much together still. Turning on to 7th the race began to take the expected shape with Beigay, Mainwaring, Hovis, Compton, Kinley and Matena starting to create a small gap back to the second group. The first mile was a gradual uphill and noone seemed to want to take it on. So much so that I even hit the front myself for a few hundred meters through the first mile. I wasn't having any delusions of grandeur, it just felt the right move to make and it was a comfortable pace anyway. It was probably a relief to rest of our group of 6 too, as noone wanted to take it on. As often happens in a 5k, the sight of the time at the first mile mark (5:17) started the race in motion. Ben, Jordan, Dan and John started to ease away and Mike dropped a little off the back of me. Turning off 7th and back towards home it looked like Ben was falling a little off the front three. I was a few seconds behind Ben, Mike the same distance behind me. I was pretty much at my threshold now and was going to have to focus hard to maintain pace and get home strongly. Ben was a tantalizing gap ahead but I never felt I could catch him, Mike probably had the same thoughts about me. I hit the second mile in 10:35 and knew the last mile was essentially downhill so as long as I held it together I was on for a solid peformance and time. Apparently it was at this stage that Jordan clicked into gear and pulled decisively ahead of Dan and John. Dan would go on to clinch second ahead of John. Ben, me and Mike followed equidistant behind. Finishing time 16:21, a full 37 seconds faster than last week's win. Time to ramp up the training- 3 more 5ks in the next 6 weeks... Side note- really enjoyed this race- much better course and finish area than the previous route. Plentiful free, convenient parking and restrooms, adequate food and drink after, efficient awards distribution- one of the better races on the calendar

Shout outs (in no particular order)- Caitlin notching yet another victory, Spada very solid run, Greg rounding into shape quickly, Billy, sub 17 imminent, Chad gutsing it out- hope the injury isn't as bad as feared, Mike pressuring me from behind, top 4 showing me how it's done!

Was great to have the family there today! They rarely come to my races so it's always a treat. Went home and filled my face with food and watched a re-run of Utd beating Tottenham 3-1 with 2 from the old master Giggs and a two point lead before Chelsea play Stoke tomorrow. Good all round start to the weekend!


  1. Great stuff! Good new blog look too- like it!

  2. nice! ya, was thinking you are probably 3 weeks away from being able to really roll again. Way to compete. enjoyed the recap.