Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mining,workouts and massages

So, grateful for the day off kindly offered on Monday, it was "Hi Ho Hi Ho, it's off to work we go" again for the legs on Tuesday morning to join up with the PDS morning crew, or Miners as we have become known for our tendency to hit the trails with our headlamps on. And a nice run it was too, great company, legs felt recovered, sun rose as we ran through the Mcalpine trails, temps in the 50s- just enough to have a nip in the air but still be able to wear t shirt and shorts (wish I could bottle this weather to run in all year round!). Only negative of the run was hooking my headphone wire around one of the posts on the trail leading to instant death of said appliance and a need to go and fork out 20 unnecessary bucks to replace!

11.5 miles on Tuesday then and a spring in the step as I waited for direction from Timfor Tuesday's workout. See R2W link for summary of workout. It went well and it was good to feel some sub 5k speed intervals under my legs. Oft training partner Spadajoined me- it's so much better having someone sharing the effort with you- cheers Steve!

Following that, during my lunch hour I decided to scout around for some cheap massage offers to go and get my legs a good working over. Found a $39 introductory offer and they could fit me in after work so off I went. Got a good massage and double bonus I was able to leave the joint having only spent my $39 in spite of the salon's efforts to get me to sign up for life and purchase some exotic looking bath salts. Seriously I need to get massages more regularly in my schedule so I plan too! Todays 7.5 felt great on the back of that!

After all that, last night came the email I had been waiting for- the training plan for the next 6 weeks! You have to be scared though when it comes alongside the message "looking at this plan - i don't envy you! ouch!". Yes it certainly looked very intimidating on first look but Tim and I went back and forth on a few things and the plan has now taken its final shape- fun times!

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