Monday, April 26, 2010

No run Monday

Met up with Steve yesterday to tackle my 'long run'- seems funny to think that 90 minutes is now considered a long run after all that marathon training! Would have struggled through it was it not for the good company- my legs felt pretty beat up after the race, a bunch of yard work on Saturday afternoon and still feeling the effects of last Tuesday.

So when I woke up this morning I had planned to revisit last Monday's Mcalpine route but once I got downstairs I headed straight for the cabinet and filled my face with breakfast instead of lacing up. The legs felt like they needed a day off and boss was happy to grant them one! I was planning Friday off so I'll just have to reshuffle my week around a bit. Hopefully come tomorrow I'll be right as rain again and chomping at the bit to head out for the Miners' Run.

Speaking of chomping at the bit, I sent coach Tim an email on Saturday requesting my guidance for the next few weeks and am eagerly awaiting the new schedules. Originally I had planned to get through the next couple of weeks carrying on setting my own stuff up and then touch base again after the Twilight race on the 7th but with only 6 more weeks to go in this 'mini cycle' I figured I should get Tim to help out as much as possible in this period.

I have three 5ks in the next 6 weeks and then there is a bit of a gap in the racing schedule during which I plan to 'regenerate' a little before a big push towards the Greek Fest 5k at the end of August. The next three 5ks are all on challenging courses so it may be that I have to wait for a genuine PR attempt until the much faster Greek Fest.....

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