Friday, April 16, 2010

Pre race musings

Excited to race tomorrow. I've had three solid weeks of training since the calf healed so it will be interesting to see how it goes tomorrow. Last year I was also returning from injury and ran 16:58 on this course. It's a tough one alright. The first couple of miles are fairly flat/slightly downhill but twisty and turny, then comes a really steep hill and the last half mile is a long drag uphill- I found my 'race report' from last year....

5 Kilometers
Time 16:58.00
Race Splits 5.14/5.22/5,30/53 (long course)
Pace Per Kilometer 3:23.60
Overall Place 2nd
Age Place 1st
Comments WAKE UP CALL! actually it was a very tough course and next week should be a better indicator of where I'm at but certainly a long way to go!

Let's see what tomorrow brings....

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