Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend workouts

So Thursday and Friday were pretty bog standard ‘meat and potato’ days, just over 8 on Thursday and then 9 on Friday. Friday was originally going to be just 4 with workouts ahead Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, but I checked my email late on Thursday night and a few guys were meeting up near my house the next morning so I jumped at the chance to run with them rather than alone! As I drove home from work on Friday night I was pondering that before I got back to my desk on Monday morning I would have two more tough workouts in the bag plus an easy run in between- the weekend seems to extend nicely in front of you when youy look at things like that!

Saturday I ran a good, solid workout at Mcalpine with Aaron, AJ and Spada. I added on a few extra warm down miles than usual to make it my long run for the week too, so that I could take Sunday real easy before today’s workout. This left me pretty zapped actually and Sunday’s run was consequently no faster than 7:45 pace!

The rest of Saturday was spent playing with the kids and trying to recover from the workout before Lisa and I headed out in the evening to enjoy a few drinks and dinner to celebrate our 11th anniversary! In true Mainwaring style we were home by 9pm relieving the babysitter of her duties and getting to say goodnight to the kids before they fell off to sleep! Another nice ‘family’ day on Sunday and then an early night to prepare for the 5am wake up call for today’s workout.

The workouts are going well at the moment and the legs are feeling pretty good. Just a question of executing it in a race now. This Saturday I'll be toeing the line in the 4th race of the GP series and after a welcome 'down' week this week I'll be looking to perform better here than I did in the last race.

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