Saturday, May 22, 2010

Great Harvest Frustration

3rd. 16:36


- felt stronger than last race and held form much better
- ran alone again and positioned as high as I could, a good step ahead of next finisher
- err, that's it (other than the fabulous prize of bread, hat and apron from the sponsors!)

Frustrated I'm not running faster. I ran sub 16 three months ago! My workouts are indicating I'm in better shape than this. I'm hoping cutting back on the workouts will see improved times in my next 2 races- including today that was 4 hard workouts from Saturday to Saturday. Chill time!

5:13,5:12,5:18,0:54- clearly the course was long-maybe I can add that to my list of positives, probably worth 15 seconds at least.

Left achilles very stiff after- hope will be fine for tomorrow's early run with Spada- gonna be a slow one whatever!

Was good to do a new race though and I think they did a great job of pulling it off pretty smoothly considering all the hassles they had faced with regard to parking, etc. Having said that I didn't see the need to have the finish in the parking lot rather than on the straight road we had just run down! Standouts for me in this race were John pushing Jordan most of the way despite seemingly only half training the past few weeks, Jordan's gf Meghan with victory a week out from the NCAA D2 champs here in Charlotte and Chad pr in his first race as a married man despite only swimming for the past month. Maybe I should take that up!

Signing off with a snap of the big guns at today's race, post awards ceremony, pre bread feast


  1. Paul...4 workouts in the last week is way too much for us! We're going real easy tomorrow...great performance this morning.

  2. 4 workouts in a week wasn't too much, it was part of the plan, i just need to remember that this will pay dividends in a few weeks, not today! see you in the am!!

  3. Paul,

    I was watching on the last hill. You were looking pretty good from what I saw.

    Something else to think about was the humidity. While it was not major hot, the humidity can act like an electric blank which can effect your overall performance.

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  5. Lots of grammatical errors in my last post, so I took it down rather than suffer the shame :-)

    In a nutshell: I second Bill's comments. Humidity is every bit the same as altitude, wind, rain, etc. You have to account for that when evaluating your performances and workouts.