Sunday, February 20, 2011

Getting it done

So after yesterday's workout my legs were sore all day, you know, that 'empty' feeling when you can't imagine ever running again! 16 miles were looming this morning and I wasn't all that positive! Especially seeing as I was going to be running solo and starting before 5am as I had promised Lisa I would be back home before the kids got up at 7.

With that in mind, I hit the sack at 9.45 (yes, on a Saturday night- this is what my life has become!) to get a few hours sleep in and hope that a few more hours rest would get my legs into some sort of shape for the run.

Well after a pretty slow start my legs eventually came round and I got it done, albeit with not one mile under 7 minutes! I checked out the 5k course I am now definitely going to run in a couple of weeks and got home in time to be there when the kids woke up. My legs are tired but this was the first time I have hit over 70 miles in a week since Richmond training last year. And no rest for the wicked yet- 75 on the schedule this week before cutting back again the week after- I'm sure I'll be looking forward to that by the end of this week!

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