Friday, February 18, 2011

Post Disney Update

Got back from Florida on Wednesday evening after a fantastic trip! The kids had a blast of course and it was nice to get away from the office for a few days. All my running went to plan too and I was able to get it all done while the kids were asleep so it didn’t interfere with our vacation at all! With all the miles I was able to get in (47.5 in the 5 days we were there) and all the walking around the parks during the day I was able to maintain my weight while I was there too, in spite of the mountains of food consumed. We were on the Meal Plan there so I took full advantage of what was on offer. Let’s just say my glycogen levels were nicely topped up while I was there!

We drove down Friday and I got the day off to a good start by heading to the track before we left and nailing a good 10*600 workout. It was cold and I wore tights for the entire workout. A week later and it’s t shirt and shorts weather here! The drive down took a good 9 or 10 hours. Lisa insists on driving everywhere we go and I have given up on trying to persuade her otherwise so I was just shacked up in the passenger seat all the way down there. We went in the Scion to save gas costs and legroom is at a premium- by the end of the drive my glutes were so tight! I got up Saturday morning to run and check out the local paths and routes for the rest of the stay and my legs were not cooperating at all, this run felt truly horrible, but I got it done and for the rest of the trip my legs were fine.

We went to Hollywood Studios on Saturday and Sunday I got my 15 mile long run in. I ventured out of the resort we were staying at (Caribbean Beach) and found excellent running conditions up the road at the Boardwalk resort and this was where I ended up doing most of my runs while I was there. This day was our day we weren’t going to be heading to the parks so we just hung around the resort and luckily it was warm enough to spend the whole afternoon swimming and sliding at the pool.

Monday was just an easy run followed by the highlight of the trip- a day at Magic Kingdom followed by dinner at Cinderella’s Castle. Tuesday called originally for 12 400s on the track so I had found a good 0.25 mile stretch of the Boardwalk where I was able to replicate this on the road- traffic and, as it turned out, pedestrian free. The workout went well and set me up for a final day in the parks that we spent at Epcot. Wednesday was an easy run before we hit the road. Once we got back to Charlotte and we’d unpacked and put the kids to bed I headed out for a shake out run to hopefully prevent a recurrence of the awful run I had had on the Saturday. It worked as Thursday’s Dowd run went well. Today I’m heading out at lunch time with a work colleague for some very easy miles- tomorrow another workout with the horses looms…..

I am also excited for a few of my friends competing in the Half and Full at Myrtle Beach tomorrow. The forecast is great and on a notoriously flat course some good times should be on offer!

I will post some pictures of our trip later....

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  1. Sounds like a great trip. Way to keep up the mileage even on vacation. I will be going on a ski trip with my daughter in March and I don't expect I'll get any running in. Skiing is good exercise, but it's definitely not the same thing.