Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pushing through

After my latest workout last night (12 600s with 1:30 recoveries) I sent a note to Coach telling him how the workout went. I had got the workout done and was pretty pleased with it considering the tiredness in my legs at the moment but was concerned that I hadn’t met the prescribed goal paces towards the end and indeed after 9 of the repeats had considered pulling the plug and not completing the workout. This was the response I got….

“You're in that spot of training where leaps and bounds are made... but not realized for a few weeks. Thanks for finishing the workout, there's a method to the madness and unless just a stupid move, pushing through is the way to go”

This made me feel a lot better and justified my decision to finish off the workout despite not feeling my best. I know there are definitely times when it is much wiser to stop doing a workout than carrying on but this wasn’t one of them as there was no risk of me aggravating an injury or anything like that. When I’m hurting with 800m to go in next week’s 5k I can draw on how I finished off this workout for inspiration to push through to the end of the race as fast as possible. It’s almost as much a mental thing as physical…..

Also, here's to hoping that I am indeed in that spot of training where leaps and bounds are made! Next up? 18 miles tomorrow (getting my long run out of the way before the weekend) and 10 mile tempo on Saturday with Steve before a hard earned cutback week next week


  1. Good to read. I'm feeling the same way with some of my workouts lately. Hopefully we'll both start to see the results we're looking for soon!