Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pre Disney Update

This time tomorrow we’ll be cruising southwards down 95 towards Mickey and Friends so I thought I’d update this thing before we left. I’m taking the computer down there but it’s very unlikely I’ll be on it much!

So this week has been three ‘easy’ runs and a tough but successful Tempo workout on Tuesday. Tomorrow I’m getting up early to bash out some intervals on the track before we leave, leaving me with a Saturday recovery run and 15 miles to do on Sunday down in Disney World. The legs appear to be coming round at last….

Really looking forward to my vacation, will be nice to get away from it all and relax for a few days, not that there’ll be much relaxation! Each morning will start the same with me sneaking out of our resort room before dawn and getting my miles in before the kids get up. We’re staying at a resort that has a 1.5 mile ‘jogging path’ around the lake apparently, so that will no doubt be familiar territory by the time next Wednesday comes around and we have to leave! A quick breakfast in the room and then off to the parks for the day. We’re going to hit Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. Lisa has booked all our restaurant reservations so we are all set- Valentine’s night we have snagged a table at Cinderella’s castle in Magic Kingdom so we can ‘dine with the princesses’. The girls are going to go nuts....

I’ll be back next Wednesday so this might not updated again until then


  1. Sounds like a fantastic vacation. Your kids are just the right age to have an absolute blast!