Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tempo success!

This morning I headed out at the reasonably earthly hour of 6:30 for some tempo action at McMullen Creek Greenway. I had emailed all the great and good of the Charlotte running community to advertize the workout but only my trusty training partner Steve had responded to the call. We did a two mile warm up and caught up on recent events before changing into our flats, doing some strides and getting straight into it.

I was pretty excited about doing this workout as though I had run at McMullen on various occasions I couldn't recall ever actually doing a workout there and it was going to be a nice change from McAlpine! Also, in spite of the workout on Tuesday and a sub 7 minute average 18 mile run on Thursday my legs were actually feeling okay!

We headed out on the trails 5 miles out and back and nailed it. I ran 56:58 (57:17 once I had added on the 0.07 miles at the end to make 10 miles on my Garmin!) and Steve hit 57:24, over a minute faster than when he last did this workout in October. A quick warm down and some strides in the parking lot and it was back to the house to watch Man U beat Wigan 4-0, England beat France 17-9 and help Lisa get the house ready for Emily's 8th birthday party that is just about to start as I write this!

Very satisfied with the workout and with only 6 miles needed tomorrow and a 'down week' next week I am looking forward to getting some freshness back into the legs before next week's 5k. The last 4 weeks were the key weeks of the current schedule (65,65,70,75 with some tough workouts) and I've come through it seemingly unscathed. On Tuesday I have a 'fun' workout planned of 1 mile on the track as fast as possible followed by full recovery and as fast an 800m as possible. I'll let you know how it goes!

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