Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Dad's Day!

I've had worse days! Before I go any further I do want to stress that knowing that I would be racing today and then watching the Man U Chelsea game we celebrated Mothers Day yesterday so don't worry Lisa had a nice weekend!

Today started with victory in the Falafel 5k by a full three minutes. I jogged to the start for my warm up, ran a controlled 16:14 (Garmin measured 3.06 but who's counting?), jogged another circuit for my warm down, almost missed the awards as they held them early, picked up my $50 Omega Sports voucher and 4 free cupcakes from Polka Dot and jogged home. I really enjoyed the race and it was neat running on roads that I run on practically daily. The course was rolling but fair and the event very well organized. I hope this is one that stays on the calendar and I can try and defend my crown next year!

Then it was home to watch Utd despatch of Chelsea handily and virtually clinch the league title.

A happy day indeed...

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