Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Repeats in the rain

This morning was a reminder of how the simple act of putting on a pair of shoes and running with friends can be so satisfying and enjoyable! The original plan had been for myself, Jay, Billy, Mike and Steve to meet up at 5:30 at Old Bell and head over to the last mile of the cross country course and do some mile repeats. Typically on a Tuesday I run easy on the Miners’ Run and then workout after work but as this week is a down week for me I am not running any doubles.

Jay was planning 5 at 5:20-5:30 pace as his recovery from injury continues apace. I was going to help him through the first three and then take off on the 4th one on my own. With GP race 4 coming up on Saturday there was no need for me to do 5 repeats and the 4th would be a good indicator of my current fitness. I was then going to finish with 4 200s while the others did the 5th repeat, just to get some turnover work in on tired legs.

Well as it happened it rained incessantly here all night and was still raining when we met up. All of a sudden the stuffy 70 degree, 90% humidity morning weather we were becoming accustomed to had been replaced by cold heavy rain. Mcalpine was out of the question as it would have been too muddy, so we had a gametime decision to make. Sack the workout until tomorrow or get it done on the track up the road. We decided to go with the latter, although the former was a close second at the time!

So the five of us headed up to PDS and got it done. It was dark and rainy, our shoes were soaked and the track was waterlogged, but we all met our workout goals and had a good time doing it. Oh for running with friends and a great start to the day!

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