Thursday, August 25, 2011

Greek Fest GP Race 9 looms

So Saturday I will be running Greek Fest for a 6th time (check out last year's preview for a bit of background). My race there last year was 'average' so I'm 2-2-1 in terms of good, bad and average performances there. If I had to hazard a guess at how Saturday is going to go I'd have to admit that I could be 2-3-1 after this one!

Last Saturday I ran a pretty desperate 10k effort. The course and weather were horrible but my collapse in the last couple of miles was worrying! The only upside of the race was the $50 I received for third place, enough to buy 2 beers in NYC and have some change for a sandwich.

Which brings me on to the post race activities in the Big Apple. Had a great time but the combination of bad drinking and eating and lack of sleep knocked me for 6 and I've been sick since I came home! I didn't run at all yesterday and dragged myself around for an hour this morning. Hopefully two more nights of good sleep will sort me out and I can at least give the race my usual 100% effort!

Should be a big turnout for this one and I'm looking forward to seeing how the usual Harris, Crockford, Shue tear up pans out and seeing if friends can meet their sub 17,18,19 goals!

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