Friday, August 26, 2011

Time to get back in shape

Tomorrow will be my 5th race on successive weekends. That is ridiculous! Don’t get me wrong, I have no regrets about that situation, I train to race and love racing so I’m fine with it. The first of those 5 was my goal race of the Summer, which I won, 2, including the one tomorrow, were GP races, which I have to race in if I’m going to win the Series and the other 2 were rare opportunities to try a new race and snag a bit of cash (I ended up getting $100 which is better than nothing). Add that to the fact that my entry fee is already covered in the GP races and my Company is still covering entry fees for any races employees enter and perhaps you can understand some method in my madness?

Having said all that there is no doubt that it’s put a dent in my overall level of fitness. If I race on a Saturday rarely will I do a decent long run on the Sunday (the cornerstone of any training program). Also I always take it easy a couple of days before a race and my other workout that week will generally be quite a light one. So my training load the past few weeks has been pretty light. I’m currently averaging less than 60 miles a week and my long run rarely gets into double figures in terms of mileage. That coupled with feeling sick and tired this week has left me feeling pretty unfit at the moment.

So after tomorrow it’s time to get back to basics, get the mileage up again, two workouts a week, long run on Sunday, start feeling better about myself. After all I train to race, so let’s get back to training so I can race better at the end of it all when my Fall goal races come around.

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