Monday, August 8, 2011

Week in review

5 runs, 35 miles, one sweaty 5k race

This was the first of my 2 weeks I've deemed necessary to recharge the batteries a little. I was meant to do 6 runs and 40 miles but I wasn't able to run on Sunday. So four enjoyable runs with friends Tuesday to Friday followed by a 5th place at Blue Points in my slowest ever time on that course on Saturday (16:31) and I was done for the week. Although a disappointing race, this wasn't unexpected and I still managed to consolidate my position as GP leader as the 4 guys who beat me were all college studs who haven't done any of the other races. In fact with 8 events gone and only 8 counting towards the final points total I think in golfing terms I'm 'dormie' and will win as long as I complete the last three races to get the bonus points.

Similar fare on the menu this week although looking to hit 50 miles for the week and run substantially faster in a 5k I have lined up on Saturday for which the current weather forecast is promising considerably better conditions than last Saturday's swamp fest.

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