Monday, August 29, 2011

Week in review

Well last week’s training ended up being a complete bust! I had to take one day off because of illness and the rest of the week I felt either hung over from NYC or just not very well. I fully intended to run long on Sunday and got up in time but was feeling tired from Saturday and still had residue from my cold so decided to put it off until Monday and drew up a plan for the next couple of weeks through Blue Ridge instead.

That plan called for my planned long run to be done today and again I woke up ready to go and was actually feeling decent for the first couple of miles before deciding that two hours on my own on a Monday morning was going to be pretty lonely and miserable, let's do tomorrow's run today and run long on Miners day where at least I can guarantee company for 90 minutes!!

Having said that, today's run was good and as I was up so early I had plenty of time to do some barefoot strides, drills and stretching at CCS as well. Let's see what excuse I can come up with tomorrow for not doing the long run!

Need my mojo back! Excitement and anticipation leading into Blue Ridge next week should see to that….

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