Monday, March 5, 2012

Back at it

After a recovery week I was able to get back into some harder training last week as the focus builds on a good race at Richmond at the end of the month.

I got 65 miles in including a 15 mile long run and 2 sessions (16*400 with 30 second jog recovery averaging 76-77s plus 5 * a mile on the trails with 400 jog in 5:24,23,11,25,12). Both of the workouts were solo as will be my upcoming one on Wednesday but at least at the weekend I will get some company as my buddy Jay will be in town. Fresh off a brand spanking new 5k PR and deep in training for Boston it will be great to have Jay's company for this!


  1. Sounds great, Mainers. I look forward to tracking you in Boston!

  2. no Boston for me yet Mindi- my friend Jay is heading there. Looks like your training is going well!