Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A day off or not a day off?

The weather has been pretty strange here in Charlotte so far this year. Rarely have the temperatures got up into the 80s yet and the rain has kept coming and coming. Somehow we are only one inch above where we should be at this point but that's bullshit- the gauge must be under some cover somewhere! Culminating in Sunday/Monday's aborted Coca Cola 600.

It's still raining today. This morning I stepped outside into a curtain of dew- pretty miserable conditions for running- even just wearing a pair of shorts at 5.30 in the morning! To add to the misery I really didn't feel like running when I woke up. The legs were really feeling yesterday's workout and I just felt really tired. Grinned and beared it for 5.3 miles at a nice 7 minute pace though and sure am all the better for doing that than taking the day off completely. Thoughts on days completely off rather than very easy days (which aren't actually easy because you feel like crap from the day before)? I've typically been one to make sure I take a day completely off once a week but could easily be persuaded otherwise!

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