Saturday, May 23, 2009

End of season

So the Premiership wraps up tomorrow. Not much excitement at the top, just Spurs and Fulham fighting for that last Europa Cup place. Different at the bottom, with any two of four teams still able to be relegated. Much has been argued about whether Hull have an unfair advantage as they are playing a Utd team that will bear no resemblance to the team that Sir Alex puts out on Wednesday. While most people seem to be saying that Hull don't have an advantage and it doesn't matter anyway the other teams should have done better over the other 37 games, I must say I have to disagree! If that was the case, why bother with a 38th game?! Oh look, you've earned your place in the League already, let's wrap up the season now!

So of course Hull will have an advantage because of the United situation! Having said that, the other teams can't complain after the game. What do they expect Ferguson to do? He's won the league already, he can put out whatever team he wants, especially with Wednesday in mind!

I'm just hoping Fox Soccer Channel will do some good coverage tomorrow and I get to see action from all the games

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  1. come on united - stick 5 past Hull to give the Boro a glimmer of hope....