Monday, July 19, 2010

6 at 6 and 7 at 6

Double day today. Needing 70 miles this week and with a race on Saturday I decided I would frontload the week and get two runs in today. First up I met Jocelyn at RFYL at 6am and we did a run around the 4 mile course with a bit added on at the end. This was a nice run as firstly the air seemed a lot fresher this morning and my legs felt light and peppy in acknowledgement and secondly I hadn't seen Jocelyn for ages and it's always good to catch up with her news. She's visiting Chester with work soon and Chester is less than 30 miles from where my family live in England! The only down side of this run was reminding myself what a tough first mile the race on Saturday will cover!

After doing the obligatory day at work it was time for the second run of the day and I met up with Caitlin(fresh from her stunning 17:01 and 3rd place at Beat the Heat on Saturday) and Jason. At first all I could think was how bloody hot it was but as the miles passed and the conversation flowed the heat became less of an issue and in the end I notched over 13 miles today without feeling too much the worse for wear. Just as well as tomorrow am 6*1600 at PDS looms....

Then home to make sure the parrot was okay and watch Contador controversially grab the yellow from Schleck. Whatever you think about the 'ethics' of Contador's move, one thing's for sure, Schleck is going to go nuts in the mountains tomorrow!

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