Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Legs started feeling as if they were coming round yesterday evening so I planned to do a workout this morning. However, with others doing a workout Thursday I also had the option of taking another 'easy' day and pushing the workout back a day so that I could have some company. I still hadn't 100% decided what I wanted to do as I left the house this morning! I had my flats on but as I was warming up for a potential workout I made the decision to just get an easy run in and be ready to hit a workout hard tomorrow. The legs felt decent at last and hopefully I'm fully recovered from the race now. I'd better be with 44 miles and 2 workouts planned over the next 4 days....

Fantastic news from Barcelona yesterday where the Brits swept Gold and Silver at the European Championships 10k. People are actually moaning that these were only the European Championships and there were no Africans (or Americans!) present but who cares they still won and is a great boost to British endurance running. Of course they are never going win medals on the World stage but seeing them on the top of the podium at these Championships will hopefully prove inspirational for other runners and kids who are starting to run. Good job Mo and Chris and good luck in the 5k!!

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