Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Miners' Run

Hadn’t done the Miners Run for a while. Typically Tuesday is a workout day for me so although I often see the Miners every Tuesday I rarely get to run with them much. Ironic today then that I only got to run with three miners and 2 of them did their own workout. Still it was good to chat to Brian for the bulk of the run and an ‘easy’ way to get some good miles in. More miles than anticipated in fact as having run up to PDS (just over 2 miles) I reset my watch so when I looked at my watch during my ‘second run’ and added on some miles to get to my planned 10 I had now in fact run over 12. Not really what my knackered legs would have liked but this gets me 2 ahead of schedule in what is planned to be a record breaking week- might need those extra miles in the bank later in the week!

As I said, my legs still feel pretty beat up since the weekend! I’m still trying to decide which days I am going to get my workouts and long run in but don’t want to force anything- we’ll see how I wake up in the morning….

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