Monday, July 26, 2010

A run of two halves

Needing to make up for my missed long run yesterday I emailed a plea for some company on today's 16 miler. Luckily Jay came up with the goods. I was going to run to Lauren's house, pick him up and run back to mine so he could get his 8 in and I'd give him a ride home. So at 4.45am I left the house and headed off towards Providence Road. It was miserable! Even by recent standards the humidity felt ridiculous (it later transpired that the dew point had read 76- according to coach's blog this meant conditions were "very uncomfortable, fairly oppressive") and after 4 miles I was already thoroughly drenched and dehydrated. This, coupled with my tummy not feeling great meant for a death march along Providence. Luckily though Lauren's church had some sprinklers going off full tilt so I was able to stop there and stand in the water for a couple of minutes. Then I met Jay and he had a nice chilled bottle of water ready for me. A few gulps of that and a ceremonial dump of the remainder over my head and I was starting to perk up a bit. The run home was far more tolerable and I thoroughly appreciated Jay's contribution!

Legs are still very sore from Saturday so I'm going to continue to take it day by day as to when I will get my workouts in this week. The schedule I have set myself will have me hitting 80 miles in a week for the first time ever....

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