Thursday, July 29, 2010

Booty Loop Tempo

The Booty Loop is probably the best known outdoor fitness location in Charlotte. It winds around one of the more exclusive residential areas in Charlotte and offers runners and cyclists relatively safe and hilly terrain. Everyone knows about the Booty Loop. This weekend sees the 24 hours of Booty eventa Cancer fund raising event named specially after the loop. Here it was this morning that myself and Caitlin's crew did our respective workouts.
They were doing 3*3 mile, I had 8m AT Tempo on the schedule.

Despite the loop's notoriety, I had in fact never run the loop before! Portions of it yes but not the whole thing. As we headed off on our respective workouts up Queens Road West I had to confirm the route I was supposed to take as I pulled away from the group- they were running just over 6 minute pace, me just below 6 minutes.

I had a good workout, the terrain is ideal for a good hard tempo run with a mile of uphill followed by a flat mile finishing with a downhill mile. I did 2 loops (just under 6 miles) and headed into Freedom Park to finish it off on some flatter terrain! I was pretty zapped by the time I made it back to the Dowd but sitting here now a few hours later I feel fine and ready to close out the week over the next three days

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