Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ups and downs

First of all, apologies for the lack of posts lately. I find with this blog that if I miss one or two days I start to let it slide ("I'll update it tomorrow..."). So I am resolving to try and update it every day from now on. Means it will be pretty boring and probably just a recap of each day's run unless anything else exciting happens but at least I won't be going two or three weeks at a time without updating this thing.

So a quick summary of what has happened since my last post and from now on I hope more regular posts will be forthcoming.

The ups

- Cracked the sub 60 at last (58:87)
- Received Richmond training plan from Coach
- Said Coach paid a visit and was able to get two runs in with him
- First two workouts on the plan were very solid
- Lisa and the kids away equals more free time than I can wish for and endless sport watching possibilities on TV (TDF, World Cup, Open)

The downs

- Lisa and the kids away equals missing them badly.... :-(
- Ran a HORRIBLE 5k last night in Concord. A win is a win but my time was terrible (16:41) and I had nothing in the third mile-all I was doing during that mile was thinking what could be wrong (diet? lack of sleep? iron levels? old age?) Decided afterwards not to over analyse and just see what next week's 4 mile race (6th race of the RFYL Grand Prix after a 7 week hiatus) brings....

Right that's it, I'm running (literally) off to the Splash and Dash to watch Billy and Chad lay it down.

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  1. Paul - everything will fall into place soon enough. Keep your head up and just keep doing what you always do: have fun running!!!