Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coach in town

Tim was passing through Charlotte on his way down to South Carolina so made a welcome appearance at the Tuesday CRC workout last night. Unfortunately he has been riddled with flu the past few days but he was still able to warm up and down with me and even jumped into a couple of the repeats I was doing to provide some valued assistance.

Details of the workout are in my log but suffice to say it was another decent effort after Saturday's good one and I'm feeling happy with the way my fitness is developing currently.

I'm currently 'enjoying' my down week, ready to launch back into the higher mileage again next week. My only concern for this week is when I'm going to be able to get my planned 18 miler in. The weather forecast from late Friday through the weekend is particularly grim. I'll get it in somehow, I usually do....


  1. Now I just feel bad for not introducing myself. Was that the man who was running with us that I asked Thomas if he knew? Darn!

  2. it was- he also posted that comment on your blog and wanted to introduce himself last night but didn't get round to it! don't feel bad! see you in the am!