Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Of all the places....

So it was a beautiful Spring-like Tuesday evening and CRC workout night. Having worked out the week before at the beautiful floodlit JCSU track where should we go tonight? I know, how about a cemetery!!

No, to be fair the workouts we were doing called for road rather than track work and the cemetery seemed as good a place as any for a central, traffic free location. You can see my workout comments on R2W but let's just say it was a rather surreal experience and not a place I will likely return to for a night time workout!

The funniest and scariest part of the evening was when a group of 20 or so of Charlotte's fastest cyclists came bombing past with their headlights blaring. Anyhow it completed another solid Tuesday of work and today's 7.25 put me on target to hit upwards of 75 this week. After a few days of beautiful weather we are forecast some heavy rain and a return to colder temps which is a bit of a pisser....

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