Monday, January 11, 2010

The curse of DVR

Sitting here at 4.45 ready to head out the door later for the first 7 miles of the next training block. Nothing too remarkable about that except for the fact that I probably had less than 4 hours sleep last night. Started off with not going to bed until well after midnight because of the football. Even though the Packers' game was in the afternoon, family duties had caused me to DVR it to watch it later.

Once I sat down at 9 to watch I of course became transfixed by one of the greatest games in play off history and before I knew it my planned relatively early night went out the window. Waking up at 4 feeling both starving and needing the bathroom I had to get up and then my choice was either go back to bed and wake up at 6 feeling grouchy and hungry and unmotivated to get out the door or suck it up eat some food and head out the door at 6 for my run. I chose the latter....

Work will suck later but at least I will have got my run in!! And tonight I will MAKE SURE I am in bed by 10 as it will be another 5am alarm call tomorrow for the weekly 'Miners Run', so called as a bunch of us meet up at Mcalpine armed with headlamps for a run on the trails.

Motivation to get up so early is clearly better when I am committed to meeting people for a run. To give you some sort of an idea of how this week should play out, well it will be an easy 7 miler on my own this morning, a shorter than usual Miners Run tomorrow am doubling with an evening track workout of 5*1600, early morning run from the Dowd Y with Charlotte Running Club folks Wednesday, another workout on my own on Thursday morning and 12 miles either in one run to work or a morning/lunch time double on Friday. Lisa is away for the weekend from early Saturday so not even a chance for a lie in at the weekend, having to get my 14 miler in early before Lisa hits the road. Sunday will then be a blank with hopefully 65 miles in the bank for the week....

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