Sunday, January 31, 2010

End of week, end of month

So another week gone and one month of the year out of the way too. I ran 288 miles in January which is an average of 9.3 miles per day and an average of 10.3 miles per day if you consider that I had three rest days. These are close to unprecedented numbers for me at this time of the year and building on the work I did heading into my December marathon I'm getting pretty excited for how things may develope for me this year if I can keep this consistency for a while yet...

Today's run was another slip and slide over the snow with folks at Mcalpine. Luckily the past two days were down as being nothing more than easy days so it didn't really matter but now the snow and ice is getting old and I just want it to go! Tomorrow's workout is already questionable so I may have to practice what I preached in my last post and come up with an alternative plan to get the workout in this week!

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