Sunday, January 10, 2010

Next phase eve

Sitting here watching to see if the Ravens can hold off the Patriots. Finished my long run about 6 hours ago and haven't left the house since! It's so bloody cold outside, even though it's sunny you can't really do too much! It's meant to start warming up again next week luckily!

So finished off another solid week and am ready to embark on Tim's latest schedules for me starting from tomorrow. This week ended up hitting 60 miles again, this time on 6 runs, with the 'quality' being provided by Thursday's workout and today's long run/workout which went thus....

"1st,3rd and 5th finishers from T Road hit up Mcalpine this am for a long 'progression' run. The first 4 we ran nice and easy, picked it up a little for the middle 4 and then picked it up a little more for the last 4.

Before the run I had some goal paces in mind but as it happened I didn't even look at my watch the whole time, just consciously picked it up a little at miles 5 and 9. Ran pretty hard towards the end but was chatting throughout so never really got uncomfortable. Solid run heading into the next training phase starting this week!

5.57,6.02,5.42,5.41,5.40 (0.87m)"

So yes, I ran with Billy and Jordan this am. Jordan sent me a note via this blog last night asking if he could step in with us so we had a pretty solid line up for our run!

Ready to launch into next phase and ready for it to warm up a bit!!

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