Monday, January 18, 2010


Spring has sprung here for a few days at least. 8 miles in Mcalpine this am, most of which shirtless. Even the daffodils have started to sprout in our yard. Freaky weather so far in 2010!!

Having got the run out of the way it was time for lunch. it was up to the girls to decide where they wanted to go. Thankfully they chose Five Guys over Mcdonalds or Chick Fil-A so an assault on the Cajun Fries ensued. I love the burgers there, but it's the fries that swing it for me. Being English I love my chips. Not your American chips, they are crisps, no, chips as in wedges of potatos fried and crisped to perfection. Although still too thin to match the chips from home, Five Guys certainly have the best fries I have tasted in Charlotte...

70-75 miles, two workouts and a long run on tap for this week. that should take care of today's dietary lapse!

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  1. I am so incredibly envious of your weather and 70-75 miles. Keep up the good work!