Thursday, January 7, 2010


Been slack of late on the Blogging front so a quick update of what's been going on since my last post.

Running has been going well. I feel officially out of the recovery phase and moving into the next training phase. Last week I hit 60 miles on 7 runs, with 2 workouts and a 'long run' of 11 miles. Quick recap of both workouts per my training log....

Workout 1- "First workout since TR. Met up at Mcalpine at 6.30, 9 cars in the lot. Great turnout- Jay, Ben, Mike, Justin, Billy, Aaron, Thomas, Steve, William. We ran to the 3 mile mark and then did five miles progression 6:11,5:46,5:27,5:27,5:26. I picked it up during third mile and felt pretty decent running with Jay and Ben through 4.5 before I started feeling it a bit and was having to strain to hold pace. So I backed off a little to try and keep my form and Ben and Jay finished about 5 seconds ahead of me looking strong. All in all I was happy with this as a first workout back. Really hope I can do some more workouts with these guys as it is so much easier and more beneficial!"

Workout 2- "Headed out in the afternoon but it was still bloody freezing. Wanted to a bit of up tempo stuff today so decided to head to the cross country course and run 400 'on', 200 'off' over the 5k (ran the last 0.8k straight through). Wasn't worried about pace just wanted to get some turnover. the 400s/800 ended up being around 5:35 pace and the 200s 6:40. It was cold and I was wrapped up and could hardly get my legs moving but the effort was good. I then ran a couple of easy miles before closing out the last 1.5 miles in 9:00."

Spent New Years at a friend's beach house in Ocean Isle. Great time of chilling out, plenty of food and drink, while the kids all played with each other. Got a couple of runs in while there- hit the beach for a few miles but it was bloody freezing!

Back to work last Monday refreshed and ready to go. Took Monday off from running but still plan to hit 60 miles this week with one workout done this morning and one long run/workout of 12 miles on the plan for Sunday. The Sunday workout I am taking straight from Mark Hadley's most excellent blog long runs. I'll be doing the 12 mile progressive long run described....

Today's workout was another 'Tempo' effort, described in my training log thus...

"Headed out on my Alexander, Providence and Sardis loop for an 8 mile progression run. The aim was to run 2 miles at 7:00, 2 miles at 6:30, 2 miles at 6:00 and then the last 2 sub 6 but I am useless at running these progression runs on my own and the run turned into more of a standard tempo run after I hit the second mile in 6.27


Decent enough effort in the cold"

The most exciting thing that happened this week was receiving my Spring training plan from coach Tim Tim's blog

I received it Wednesday afternoon and all work productivity went immediately out of the window for the rest of the day. I'm excited to get started on the plan next week!


  1. what time are you running on sunday? where? if you don't mind, i'd like to tag along.

  2. sent you a note on Facebook....