Thursday, January 14, 2010

Enjoying the company

When I was updating my training log earlier, I realised that 5 of my last 6 runs have been with Charlotte Running Club folks. This is unusual for me. For want of training chums, especially since Tim B moved back North, I would guess I usually train for 75% of the time on my own. But I'm loving this group thing!

Those five runs encapsulated all the benefits of group running!

First there was Sunday's long progression run. Having Billy and Jordan along made for great company as we did the workout together and kept the effort honest and in line with what we needed from the workout. On my own I would probably have gone out too fast and defeated the object of the workout immediately! And it's not every day you get the chance to run with a marathoner shooting for low 2:20s in his next marathon!

Then there was Tuesday's Miners Run. I wanted a nice low key shake out before the track workout in the evening. Mission accomplished

Then the track workout. having 10 people on the track at the same time offering each other encouragement as we all did our own thing was great. we all split off and did our own things but all had a sub group to run with and share the workload with. then when our group was recovering we would cheer the other group on and vice versa- great stuff....Had I been on my own I am sure my repeats would each have been 5 seconds slower and also I wouldn't have been given the motivation at the end to try and keep with Jay next time he tears up the last quarter!

Wednesday am, just ten hours later, most of us met up again for the recovery run. Tales of the workout were shared, legends created, mutual legs nursed back to some sort of decent shape.

Finally, today I was down to do my second workout of the week. However, instead of heading out on still unrecovered legs I decided to run from the Dowd again in yet another group. Again the pace was nice and the company good and gave my legs another day to recover in time for tomorrow am's workout- which I will be doing on my own!!

Faster, better, more beneficial workouts and long runs; slower, easier, more beneficial recoveries, it's a win-win!!


  1. The fast day advantages are obvious but I learned that the slow days really force me to recover which is good too! Great that you are not only enjoying the group thing but seeing benefit. Always a pleasure to see u out there. - Aaron

  2. rock on!! this is definitely what aaron and i learned over the course of the past six months. at first it was just me and him...and then it was me, him and EIGHT other people (at least!). I love having you out there paul and someday i hope i can be as fast as you. also, one of my goals is to beat aaron sooner than later. teehee