Thursday, January 20, 2011

Early long run

Got 15 miles in this morning. I promised the kids that this weekend I wouldn't be on a run when they woke up on Saturday or Sunday so now I don't have to worry about getting up at 4 to do my long run this weekend- with the added bonus that today I had the company of Caitlin, Aaron and Kevin and 40 degree temps whereas on Sunday it would have been solo and 20 degrees!

It's been a mixed week of running so far this week. I have been experiencing just general soreness and tightness in my upper legs which means they never seem to feel great or recovered from my workouts. I'm still getting all my runs and workouts in fine but the legs are just not feeling it right now, it's hard to explain really!

Monday I took advantage of the Holiday to get an afternoon run in with a stellar crew at a mud ridden Mcalpine, Tuesday it was off to the track to do the first workout of my Richmond training plan and again had great company. Wednesday was a shitty solo recovery run where I felt like crap and today I felt a lot better until the last 5 miles or so when the knee started acting up a bit.

I don't go into any more detail about my runs on here because if you are that interested you can click on the Captains Log r2w link at the top right of this page which will take you to my training log.



  1. This Brit is rolling! Keep it going brother and see you Saturday...

  2. nice you're coming, thanks! 8:30 OB