Friday, January 21, 2011

A testament to hard work

Just found out that a friend of mine Cody, who emigrated from Charlotte to Perth a couple of years ago, ran 15:11 on the track last night. Seriously impressive. Just before he left Charlotte he had brought his time down to sub 16 but a year before that he was typically in the 17s. The guy trains HARD from what I can gather and has a great work ethic. Definitely gives you inspiration when someone you regularly used to beat can pull off a performance like that. Nice one Cody!

As for me, well today’s run went a lot better than most of my recent runs until the last couple of miles when the right knee/groin started to feel a bit tight again. Definitely something I am trying to keep on top of. Temps are back into the 20s over the weekend so time to get the tights back out for my workout tomorrow. Take it from me you won’t hear me complaining in the summer when it is 90 degrees and ‘miserable’ outside, I am done with this winter already!


  1. First time on your blog. I like this entry...and the license plate. Our PR's are pretty close. Cool stuff.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Paul. Hope all is well! -Cody