Sunday, January 16, 2011

A long run, a workout and THE Plan

I had a solid weekend of training as the temps started to return to 'normal' levels. I ended up doing my long run Saturday morning. Billy was unable to make it due to a poorly cat and I didn't fancy doing 2 hours solo so made contingency plans to join in a workout with Jordan, Ben, John and Rocky (a stellar cast if ever you saw one!) if noone else turned up at the advertized 6:30 start of the long run. Will and Yousuf were there ready and raring to go though so the workout was put off until today and off on the 16 mile loop I had mapped out we headed. Yousuf turned round after 6 but I had a good run and chat with Will. Despite both feeling the cold after rather ambitious decisions to don shorts again, we managed to complete the run at a 7:10 clip even though it felt a lot slower.

Mention should be made here of injured buddy Jay's ongoing recuperation from his stress fracture. Today he completed a triathlon of sorts- mile swim, hour on the bike, pool running workout, back to back. With dedication (madness?) like that he deserves to get back up to speed quickly once he returns to training in the next couple of weeks!

Saturday evening I headed to Jay's house to catch the Packers trouncing of the Falcons. Suitably carbed up the morning after with the truck load of nachos consumed during the game I proceeded to knock out a solid enough workout at Charlotte Christian track. Logging on to my computer upon my return I came across the email I had been waiting for the past couple of weeks. Entitled "Let's do this", the email from Coach contained the schedules for my path to Spring 5k/10k success. I am pumped to be starting out tomorrow!

Happy MLK day all!

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