Friday, January 7, 2011


Hi all. I know you’ve been missing my exciting posts about my daily runs but I’ve actually been pretty busy at work and stuff so breaks have been at a premium and the blog has suffered. Fear not though, here is the rundown since last weekend.

Monday was a no run day. I got up with the intention of running but only had an easy 30-45 minutes on the schedule and it was frigid and I was starving so I decided to do what any sensible person would do. I hadn’t had a day off for two full weeks anyway so I felt less guilty upon discovering this.

Tuesday was the normal Miners Run. I got 11 in to make up for some of the previous day’s missed mileage.

Wednesday was workout time. Still flying solo until coach Budic hits me up with my new schedules next week I heard that Billy had an 8 mile tempo on his Plan. I graciously invited him down to the Lansdowne Loop and he, Spada and I put a solid effort in. I completed the 8 miles at about 5:50 pace and felt pretty decent for it being 6am. Billy and Steve were not far behind and dare I say it Billy looks well on the way to breaking that 2:40 barrier at Myrtle Beach.

Thursday was interesting. Of course I did the Dowd run but there were some new faces present including some very speedy ladies. The group split into two at a red light after half a mile or so and one of those speedy ladies, Heidi from NYAC, pulled along the group I found myself in at a nice sub 7 minute pace clip. The run was fun until I crossed the road at Euclid and Morehead and ran straight into a big thick wire cable that was helping hold up one of the street lights. Luckily it was the fleshy part of my thigh/hip that bore the brunt of the impact. It is still really sore but didn’t hinder my run today too much. The morning got even better when I got to work in my running gear and realized I had left my civilian clothes at home. A desperate call to Lisa was followed by an hour sat at my desk in my fleece and shorts waiting for delivery of my clothes. I gave the ladies a sneaky peek at my legs every so often but didn’t want to affect the productivity of the office too much so kept the flashes to a minimum.

That left me with 30 miles, a long run and a workout left to completed this week. This morning I decided to knock off half of those miles by doing a 15 mile long run with Billy. Billy was going long at 5am from Old Bell so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have someone to run with so early. It was a fun run and the best my legs had felt all week. I actually wore my flats for the run, maybe that’s the key!

Happy Friday! Tomorrow CRC are running in Mc Mullen at 7am. Should be a good group. Come join!


  1. paul, if all goes as planned i'm doing 10 easy followed by an hour at MP in the morning. i'll be at mcmullen but am starting w/alice at 6:30 and then will circle back. so if you start at 7:00, my uptempo section would start 6ish miles into your run. interested?

  2. I am but I need to be done and back at the Parking Lot by 8:30 so I will only be able to do 45 minutes-ish.

  3. Great post Paul...keep up the awesome journalism!

  4. Great run this am. Lets get extra fit before we are snowed in!